Why You Should Paint Your Home More Than One Color

Does that mean you need to paint the rest of the rooms to match the existing color you approve of? Or maybe you know immediately that you cannot live with any of the existing colors. You know you need to paint every room in the house. You can choose to go with one color throughout… More

Why You Should Choose a Professional Painter

Before you paint yourself into a corner, take a moment to consider the benefits of hiring a professional painter. Because painting your home requires more steps than just applying the paint, handing your job over to the capable hands of a professional will ensure that the job gets done properly and that you are thrilled with the results…. More

Paint Your Kitchen Island

There are a variety of colors you could go with to make your kitchen shine. You can even add more interest by using some of the popular painting techniques to create a faux finish or add a sense of texture. Be creative, but also choose a color that you will be able to enjoy for… More

Mudroom Paint Color Ideas

Whether it’s the small room between the garage and the house, an area in the laundry room or a room designated as a mudroom, this space deserves the same attention in decorating as other rooms in the house. Color and Purpose It is easy to ignore this space and discount it as an important part… More