Creating an exterior painting surface that will look fantastic and withstand the elements requires adherence to a strict set of guidelines. At The Painting Company, we have perfected this process. Our expert crews follow a precise method that is combined with high-quality paints and specialized techniques to ensure every exterior paint job meets our high standards and exceeds our customer’s satisfaction.

  • Power washing.

    A quality exterior paint job requires a clean surface. We power wash every exterior to remove loose paint, debris and dirt to ensure a durable, lasting finish. This is one of the most important steps – many of our competitors skip this crucial step which can lead to premature peeling of the paint.

  • Trenches.

    Raking dirt away from the exterior walls and foundation is critical to ensure the paint goes below the ground surface. Trenching is completed on every exterior painting project to apply paint below the grade.

  • Masking.

    Windows and trim that will not be painted are masked off to protect the surfaces.

  • Foundation.

    We use special coating called DRYLOK that waterproofs the foundation. This primer prevents peeling from moisture, which is common on moisture-rich foundations.

  • Scraping.

    Any leftover peeling paint after the power wash is scraped away to create a smooth surface.

  • Repairs.

    Any drywall on patios or stucco texture that needs repair is completed before the painting begins.

  • Caulking.

    All cracks around windows, doors and fascia are caulked to seal these areas.

  • Primer.

    Every exterior has primer applied before the paint to create an adhesive surface. This is vital for long-lasting results.

  • Painting.

    For excellent coverage, we apply paint both horizontally and vertically. If your contract specifies we may also back roll or apply a full second coat as well.

  • Trim.

    We carefully apply two coats of paint to trim for the best results.

  • Garage & entry doors.

    All doors are sprayed for a smooth finish.

  • Metal surfaces.

    Any metal or accents that need paint are done last using precise painting techniques.

  • Clean up.

    Our crews never leave a mess behind. All coverings, masking, paint chips and other debris are removed once the job is completed.

  • Inspection.

    The foreman for your crew will carefully inspect the completed project to ensure it meets our high standards before we ask you to review the work for a final sign-off at completion.

Trust Us for Your Next Exterior Painting Project

Exterior painting is time-consuming and requires attention to detail to ensure the highest quality results. You can trust The Painting Company to meet and exceed your expectations with our precision-based exterior painting process for your next project.

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