Whether it’s the small room between the garage and the house, an area in the laundry room or a room designated as a mudroom, this space deserves the same attention in decorating as other rooms in the house.

Color and Purpose

It is easy to ignore this space and discount it as an important part of your home as far as decorating goes. This is especially true if it is part of a dual-duty room or little niche created from an unused space near the outside door. Consider that this area is still part of your home and therefore worthy of your attention. Space can be stylized and decorated with the same care as the other rooms in your home and become a happy little nook. Color can make all the difference.

Mudrooms in some homes are a casual foyer. This is the place where friends and family come in an out and even though it may not be the main entryway of your home, it is still a place of meeting and greeting. Such a place should be warm and inviting. Decorating your mudroom with style will also keep it tidier. These spaces can become a dumping ground for all things that don’t make it into the house; however, when it’s decorated as a room, there is more incentive to keep it looking neat and organized.

The colors you choose for this area can make it more conducive for unusual care. Choosing colors that evoke certain moods can subtly encourage people to want to take better care of the space. When space brings about a sense of joy, peace, or happiness it becomes a place people enjoy inhabiting if only for a few minutes.

It has been a long-held notion that color can have an impact on a person’s mood, behaviors, and feelings. Color psychology has been used in the designing of logos, businesses and particularly restaurants. Have you noticed how many restaurants use red in their theme? This is because red happens to be a color that entices your appetite. Red also invokes feelings of warmth and comfort, but on the other end of the spectrum, it can lead to feelings of hostility and rage.

How you use color in your mudroom may influence the mood of those coming and going through the area. At any rate, choosing the right color for the room will make it more inviting and interesting.

Calming Blues

Blue tones tend to soothe and calm the spirits. In the color spectrum, blues are considered cool colors. Ancient civilizations used blue to treat pain and help calm illnesses. Coming into a mudroom painted a soothing blue may cause you to feel less of the pain from your workout. It may calm your nerves after a, particularly hectic day. When leaving, it can help you start your day with a soothing, peaceful feeling.

There are many beautiful shades of blue to choose from to make your mudroom the perfect launching place or landing spot. You can create a blue sky effect with lighter hues or an earthier feeling with the blue-gray hues.

The Glory of Green

Green often symbolizes nature. It is one of the dominant colors in nature. Like blue, green is one of the cooler shades on the color spectrum. Green has traditionally represented many things such as jealousy, good luck, health, and tranquility.

Green has been used to relieve stress; think of the “green room” where guests wait to appear on television programs. It is used to help people relax. Painting your mudroom green may cause people to feel calm in their comings and goings. It could also help you feel a little luckier in whatever endeavors you are about to partake.

Warm Sunshine Colors

Shades of orange and yellow are on the warm end of the color spectrum. These colors would be perfect for a mudroom that has little or no natural light. Warmer colors add a cheery feeling to a room. You may not want to go too bright though. Since it has a high rate of light reflection it can be very fatiguing to the eyes. Yellow can also produce feelings of frustration and anger so do not be surprised if siblings get into tussles in the mudroom.

Orange is also a strong and energetic color. Like other warm colors, it is attention-grabbing and uplifting. Your clan may feel energetic when heading out to face the world and coming in they may feel restored.

Choosing the right color for your mudroom does not have to be a chore. If you need help in deciding what is going to look best and complement adjacent rooms, contact The Painting Company. We will be glad to help you find the perfect color for your mudroom. Give us a call today or fill out our online form.

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