While some are drawn to fun colors to spice up a room, others are more comfortable with a nice neutral. Have you been thinking about brightening up your space with white? Not all whites are created equal and choosing the right shade can be the difference between your home looking crisp and fresh or drab and boring. Here are the different types of white paint and how to choose the best one to make sure your walls are anything but boring!

Warm Whites

Paint your walls a white shade with a warm tone in places where you want to maintain a cozy feel. Warm whites are perfect in windowless hallways that need to be lightened up so that they don’t feel sterile and still look soft in artificial lighting. If you want to brighten up your kitchen but still maintain a homey feel, opt for a warm white on your cabinets to work with the natural light coming in from the windows.

Our favorite warm-toned whites:

Cool Whites

Cool-toned white paint is the perfect color to complement a modern or contemporary aesthetic. If you have a lot of dark furniture, cool white walls can help to balance it out. Cool tones are the way to go if you are someone who can’t stand when white looks “off” or yellowed. Brighten up a space with crisp and cool whites in order to bring more light into a dark area, such as a garage.

Some great cool-toned whites:

Bright and Neutral

In a space where you really want to let the furniture and décor do the talking, choose a white that is neutral-toned – neither cool nor warm. With no undertones, light is able to bounce off easily without being absorbed, making a room look brighter. This shade works perfectly when there’s a lot going on in the room, décor-wise, and that should be the focus rather than the paint color on the walls.

Best neutral whites:

Decide Your Finish

Once you’ve chosen your shade of white, you’ll need to pick your finish or sheen. Flat and matte paint absorbs light and gives a softer look, perfect in areas where you want to feel cozier, such as a living room. Glossy finishes reflect light, so the paint looks brighter and, as a result, the room looks brighter. This is perfect for smaller rooms that need to feel bigger and under-lit areas such as an entryway. Glossy finishes are also easier to clean, so in high-traffic areas, that would be the best choice.

If you want more help with choosing the best white paint to ensure your walls aren’t boring, contact The Painting Company! Our color consultants will work with you to evaluate your home, current furnishings and lighting situation to pick the perfect white paint for you!

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