This choice does not come easy, especially when you only have one shot to get it right. Here are some of the best ways to test paint colors before ultimately deciding the paint for your entire home.

Don’t Paint Directly on the Wall

When testing various paint colors, doing so directly on the walls can be easy but will end up creating more work. Don’t paint directly on the walls until you’ve come to a solid decision on the color you want. By doing this, you’ll avoid needing to sand down that section of the wall again and reapplying primer.

Paint Sample Boards

A great alternative to painting on your walls is to create some giant sample boards that you can tape on to the wall. Visit your local home improvement store and purchase some large boards and double-sided tape. Many mention that sample boards can interfere with a perfect color swatch so you can take the extra step of purchasing sample-sized drywall so that the paint saturates the way that it would on your actual wall.

If you’ll be painting throughout your home, this will also be a great way to test on different areas of your home.

Other Tips Before Deciding on a Color

  • Don’t decide on your paint color until it’s fully dry – Allowing enough time for your sample board to dry, will give you a chance to see the color of the paint after it’s cured completely. The color and finish of wet paint can look completely different than when it’s fully dry
  • Test Your Sample Boards During Different Times of Day – Being able to test your paint colors during different times of the day will allow you to see how your color appears in different lighting conditions. This is especially important with colors that have several undertones like the color grey. Grey’s are known to look very different in natural light, compared to artificial light.
  • Consider your décor – You’ll most likely keep your current furniture pieces, fixtures and décor so take advantage of your movable sample boards and use them to determine whether it’s the right color fit or not. If you haven’t purchased your décor items yet, then take your sample boards with you while you’re shopping. Color matching could never be any easier!
  • Lighting – Another thing to take into consideration while testing paint colors is the lighting. As mentioned above, lighting can change the color of your paint but make sure that it’s the correct lighting as well. If you’ll be replacing some light fixtures with newer light bulbs, make sure you use those for the best example.

Use online paint testers

If you’re only looking to get an idea of what color would look best in your home without having to go out and purchase all the materials – You can utilize apps that allow you to visualize paint colors on the interior and exterior of your home without the need to take out your paintbrush. Many painting companies like The Painting Company offer free color consulting and tools like the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer and the Dunn Edwards Perfect Palette.

Trust Your Home to Professional Painters

Hiring professional painters can make to color selection process a lot easier. If you already have a color in mind or still need assistance, contact The Painting Company to take advantage of our free color consulting services and more. Call The Painting Company to schedule a free estimate or a free painting quote today!

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