Painting the Common Areas of Your Home

In the majority of cases, the simple reality is those homeowners chose the wrong paint. Unless you want to make shrines out of your common areas, you need to put at least a modicum of forethought into choosing your paint. Common areas are the rooms and hallways in a home that experience the most shared… More

Can Paint Color Protect Your Home From Pests?

Although we cannot see through their eyes, the behavior of animals and insects from around the world is one of many ways that scientists are able to determine how different species respond to colors. We know, for instance, that when a bull reacts to a cape it is not the color the animal is attracted… More

Remember These If You Choose Bright Colors

Bright colors can give a room a completely different personality from the neutral or pastel tones that many rooms sport. They can add drama, excitement, and flair to an otherwise boring room. If you are contemplating going in a bold direction there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. You Can Start… More

How to Paint a Beautiful Color Over Your Wood Trimming

Replacement would take a great deal of time, effort and money. Painting it, on the other hand, would be easier and give the room character. If you choose to paint your wood trim you can hire professionals for the job or, if you are like many homeowners, why pay someone to do what you can… More