The Importance of High Quality Paint

It’s a saying that applies to essentially anything and everything, but perhaps nothing is more applicable than the topic of paint. Choosing to spend a extra few bucks on high quality paint could be the difference in loving your newly painted walls or deciding how long you’re willing to live with them before you decide… More

Don’t Make These Painting Mistakes This Holiday Season

Painting is the easiest way to transform a room and choosing to do it before the holiday season can be the fresh start to the New Year everyone craves. However, at Nevada Painting Company, we’ve learned over the years that nothing spoils the transformation you’re after more than mistakes. Trust us, these are the painting mistakes you don’t want to make this holiday season…. More

1st Annual Turkey Donation Drive

At the Nevada Painting Company, we feel like our clients are part of our extended family. Not only do we want to help make your homes reflect each of your personalities and provide a friendly experience while we’re there that lasts long after we leave, we also want to give back to those who are in less fortunate situations. … More

Why We Are Passionate About Painting

For many people, painting is a chore. For our team at Nevada Painting Company, it is our passion. Yes, it is our job, but it is much more than that for us. We love what we do and we want to do it better than anyone else in the business. Here are ten reasons we… More