Refining Your Home’s Look & Feel with Accent Walls

Before you know it, you will have every surface covered in mirrors and pictures to compensate for the lack of definition in the room. However, there are much cheaper ways of bringing a living space to life. Creating an accented wall is one of the simplest and most effective DIY projects you will ever undertake… More

How Much Paint Should I Buy?

The problem you have is twofold. If you buy too much paint you will have overspent and will have to either dispose of the surplus or repurpose it. However, on the flip side, if you don’t purchase enough paint, it means you can’t finish your project without a return trip to the store. At the… More

Extend Your Company’s Brand with A New Paint Job

Whether it is expressed through marketing content or a company logo, branding is what sets you apart from the competition. What you may not realize, however, is that color plays a large part in whether a brand becomes ingrained in the consciousness of the public. If you want proof, look at some of the brands… More

Kitchen Painting Inspiration

If you are only contemplating a kitchen update, not a complete remodel of your home, it is important to consider your existing décor. This includes the appliances, cabinets and counters in your kitchen, and the surrounding rooms. In kitchens enclosed in an open floor plan, it is vital to ensure the new colors you paint in your kitchen will blend with the overall style of your home. … More