You’ll see the way accent walls that are incorporated into more modern interior design is much different than just a few years ago. There are many benefits to designing an accent wall into your room’s décor, as you will see, as well as several secrets to making sure it looks phenomenal!

Benefits of Creating Accent Walls

An accent wall designed in a room, whether a bedroom or a living space, can help you focus attention to certain areas of the room. It may make the room feel bigger, or even make it feel cozier and more inviting should it be a much larger room that feels too clinical and bare.

Here are the top benefits of adding an accent wall to the next room you redecorate.

Create or Bring Attention to a Focal Point

If you already have a great focal point in the room, such as a fireplace or even a wall of framed photographs, making that wall stand out with a distinct color or design can also bring more attention to those décor elements.

If you don’t already have a great focal point in the room, simply adding an accent wall can create one. A large mirror, piece of art, or many smaller photographs grouped together on an accent wall can immediately bring attention to them.

Create Dimension

If you have a room that is awkward in shape, you may be able to even out the space by turning the right wall into an accent wall. An accent wall can also help to make colors or designs used in the furniture in the room really pop. However, using the wrong color on the wrong wall may give you a look that you didn’t expect and may not like.

Make the Room Look Larger or Cozier
If you are redecorating a room that is very large, you may want to make it feel more inviting instead of cold. By choosing a darker but complementary color for an accent wall, you can make the space feel cozier. If you happen to have a very small room and you want to make it appear larger, an accent wall in a lighter color can give you that look.

Make Texture Pop

For those that have a textured element in the room, such as a stone fireplace, creating an accent wall behind it will immediately make it the main focal point of the room. Any beautiful, textured element in the room will immediately become the star attraction.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

A lighter color in a room with plenty of natural light will create a bright, airy, relaxed atmosphere. However, you may not want the entire room painted in a light color. Choosing the right wall to accent the room with that light color, and choosing a darker color for the others, can still give that same effect.

Secrets to Getting the Most Out of an Accent Wall

There are three secrets to making sure the accent wall you choose, and the color or design you choose as well, gives you the exact effect you’re looking for. Ready to get designing?

Choose the Right Wall

The right wall may be very easy to choose. If you have a beautiful, large bed, then the wall behind the headboard would be a perfect choice. If you want to bring attention to the large sofa in the living room, then the wall behind it is ideal. However, many rooms don’t already have a focal point. This means you get to add another element to the room that gives it the look you want and accent the wall behind it to make it that focal point the room needs.

Pick the Right Look

While a wall painted in a solid color can be ideal for a wall that is already home to a large focal point, when creating your own, you might want to incorporate a design onto the wall. A subtle design with matte and high-gloss versions of the same color can give an elegant appearance, but many wallpapers can also work very well.

Let Existing Décor Inspire You

If you will be keeping much of the existing décor in the room, you may want to pull inspiration from those elements. For example, if your throw pillows on the furniture as well as a rug on the floor are shades of blue, you might want to bring that to the walls. You can decide to have a lighter room with a darker blue accent wall or vice versa. Instead of renovating an entire room, sometimes just updating the paint and adding an accent wall to the existing décor is all you need.

Let Us Accent Your Room

If you have a new color palette in mind and need to make it a reality, contact The Painting Company. If you’d like to discuss your color options and what certain colors can provide you, our experts can show you just how an accent wall can benefit the room. Let us know how we can help you create the home interior of your dreams.

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