Although these fence & gate additions are supposed to add curb appeal to the home

if not properly maintained, they could become an ugly eyesore and actually devalue a piece of property. Turn to The Painting Company when it comes to giving a little T.L.C. to your fences and gates. We offer both refinishing and repainting services for all of your fence and gate needs.

We’ve all seen the side gate that looks dark brown and discolored, as an addition to your house painting job we can replace all the slats in your side gate to a nice composite wood. The benefit of composite wood is maintenance, it never needs to be stained or replaced!

As part of this service we will also sand the rust off the gate, prime bare metal areas with a rust preventative primer, and then repaint with a paint designed for metal. These paints have rust inhibiting agents in them to help prevent rust from forming, thus giving you a longer lasting painting job.

Many homes have the metal view fencing in the back yards or around their pools. These wrought iron fences are also not immune to the elements, they too will rust after some time. Let The Painting Company prep and paint yours, too, along with your exterior house painting job. We prep this metal the same way we do to the gates and we refinish with the same metal enamel that will keep your fence looking good for years to come.

Thank you for considering The Painting Company to be your exterior house painter! For more information or to schedule a free price quote contact us today.

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