Why You Should Paint Your Home More Than One Color

Does that mean you need to paint the rest of the rooms to match the existing color you approve of? Or maybe you know immediately that you cannot live with any of the existing colors. You know you need to paint every room in the house. You can choose to go with one color throughout… More

Paint Your Kitchen Island

There are a variety of colors you could go with to make your kitchen shine. You can even add more interest by using some of the popular painting techniques to create a faux finish or add a sense of texture. Be creative, but also choose a color that you will be able to enjoy for… More

When to Paint Your Garage Door

You may think the most crucial factor will be the color you choose for the door. The color is a big consideration, however, you want your paint job to look good and last a long time. For that to happen you need to make sure you are painting under the right circumstances. Not Too Hot,… More

Color Trend Ideas for the Interior of Your Home

Stark now, but soon to take on the hues and blends of the occupant’s personality. Your home should reflect you and your family so plain white walls aren’t going to do. Different colors have been proven to affect moods. What better way to express yourself throughout your home than through color? The color on the… More