Stucco is a popular interior and exterior finish for homes, and it is created by layering a cement and plaster compound. While it is rough in appearance, stucco is rather low maintenance compared to other options. However, like all finishes, it loses its appearance over time with normal wear and tear. Deciding to improve the appearance of stucco can be a personal choice or made after a professional inspection. Either way, let’s learn more about taking care of and painting stucco.

Clean the Surface

Start the process by cleaning stucco surfaces of any dirt and dust. You can achieve this by going over the exterior walls with a brush or broom, and interior walls may be easily vacuumed using a dust attachment. Stubborn stains might need to be scrubbed in sections with a brush. To clean inside deep groves, consider a power washer, and allow it to dry for 24 hours before you begin to caulk and repair.

Fix Any Imperfections and Prime

Fix small cracks or blemishes with caulk and plan accordingly for the next ten days after applying caulk, as it will need to harden before you paint.  Next, prime the surface with a high-quality acrylic primer, as these are preferred because their binders make for an easier application and coverage. Two coats of primer are preferable, to avoid paint pooling in crevices and causing drips.

Painting the Stucco

Due to the texture, the overall surface area is greater than normal, and you will need a larger amount of paint for full coverage. If the stucco is highly textured, consider using a spray on paint, then going over the paint with a roller. Another factor to take into consideration when painting stucco is the best temperature for applying paint, and how long after the initial coat to apply a second coat.

Stucco Maintenance

It is recommended to inspect the stucco exterior walls annually, looking for flaking paint, peeling paint, or excessive cracking. Most of the time this is due to moisture or settling issues. To maintain interior stucco, scrub it with a brush then rub away with a moistened cloth. For exteriors, use a spray nozzle or power washer to wash away the dirt and build-up. This should help maintain the surface of your exterior in the long run.

The best way to paint stucco

Instead of going through this process, call Nevada Painting Company to get it taken care of! A good quality exterior paint job should last 15 to 20 years. At Nevada Painting Company, we know that exterior painting is time-consuming and requires attention to detail to ensure the best results.

We ensure our paint will withstand the outdoor elements by beginning with power washing the surface, raking away dirt underneath the exterior walls, masking the windows and trim that are not being painted, applying a special foundation primer, repairing the drywall and stucco, and painting both a first and second coat. In addition, our professional team of clean up crew will never leave a mess behind and inspect the completed project to ensure it meets our high standards. Contact the Nevada Painting Company today for all your needs.

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