Popcorns ceilings are a thing of the past. They are unpopular with buyers and demonstrate that your home may not have been renovated and updated in a long time. Popcorn ceilings are an eyesore that can completely ruin a home`s market potential. There are numerous reasons popcorn ceiling should be removed, and its fairly easy to do so.

They are Outdated

One of the biggest reasons popcorn ceilings are encouraged to be removed is that they are outdated. Popcorn ceiling first became popular in the 1950s, really hitting their stride in the 1970s. They were an easy solution to fast building and were even easier to spray on. They were though to also reduce noise and hid impurities in uneven seems of the ceiling. Due to its early start, popcorn ceilings are seen as the early, and often an unpopular trend that should have ended. Popcorn ceilings are now seen as outdated and may communicate that your ceiling has not been updated. A house that is not updated and taken care of is unlikely to sell on the market.

They Could be Hiding Danger

Due to the popcorn ceiling being so popular in the 1950s, many popcorn ceilings are in older homes and could be decades old. Due to this, it is more likely they may have developed asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring chemical that can cause many health issues. It can lead to the development of lung issues and even cancer. It is imperative that you hire professionals to conduct an inspection to ensure that your popcorn ceiling does not have asbestos before beginning to remove them yourself.

They Are Difficult to Clean

Popcorn ceilings can the perfect place for dust and debris to hide and build up. They can be incredibly difficult to clean and upkeep, due to the various grooves. This can make it difficult to keep clean and thereby compromising your indoor air quality. If you constantly breathe in dust, dirt, and bacteria it can heavily affect your health. Your allergies may worsen and with the more serious buildup of dust and bacteria may result in respiratory infections and issues. It’s important for your home’s indoor air quality to have sleek ceilings, easy to clean and maintain.

Time for removal

Now that you have checked for asbestos and made sure it was removed by a professional. It`s time to begin to remove your popcorn ceiling. Start by gathering the correct materials, not too complicated and easy to find and purchase

  • Ladder
  • Painters tape
  • Safety goggles and mask
  • Drywall taping knife
  • Garden sprayer

Begin by spraying the ceiling with the garden sprayer. This can get messy so it`s imperative you remove furniture and set up tarps for excess water and droplets of the ceiling. Spray in small areas to avoid it drying to fast and work slowly. Now take the drywall knife and gently scrape, so as not to damage the sheetrock. Once done its time to sand and make flat and clean.

If this all seems like too much work for you, The Painting Company offers popcorn ceiling removal as a service! Give your ceiling some love with professional removal and a new coat of paint. Contact The Painting Company to give your ceiling a total refresh.

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