Customer Service can make a huge impact on your paint job. Whether it’s interior or exterior, painting is an important aspect of finishing projects or repairs and protecting your home and investment from deterioration. The bonus you get is a fresh, clean look.

When you decide it’s time, what do you look for? Of course, you want someone who can make sure those lines are straight and the baseboard trim doesn’t splash over, but you should also expect top professional customer care. Always remember that the most important aspect of making an appointment and choosing a company is the client’s comfort. You should always feel as if your questions have been answered and your needs are being met.

Offering the Best

There is a rigorous employee training program and monthly skill-building training. Everyone works together to bring you the experience you deserve.


Customer service includes trustworthiness, consistency, commitment and value.


Personalized Care

At some point, you should sit down and discuss the products and materials that will be used, including type, finish and brand options. Ask for an explanation of the process from the first step of preparation to the last step of removing all equipment, debris and material. Nothing should be left behind so you don’t have to worry about unsightly messes or equipment causing an accident.

Understanding each phase of the process can help you manage your schedule with the work in mind, and make you feel actively involved in your painting project’s progress. Your time and happiness is important, and the job isn’t complete until you are satisfied.

A Promise Made is a Promise Kept Is The Best Customer Service

Trust is essential in this process, as you will have people in or around your home or business. You need to have someone who respects that and will treat it with the same care they would treat their own property. You should be highly satisfied with the entire process, and know that the promise includes:

  • Never being asked to pay more than your estimate
  • All needed licenses for any region serviced have been acquired
  • Positive and professional conduct
  • Only the highest quality paints and products
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • No subcontractors to ensure quality

It’s ALL About Color

It’s a big decision. This is what you will live with day in and day out, so you might as well make it fantastic. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting. You paired some colors you THOUGHT looked good…until you put it on the walls.  An online color consultant can guide you through the process so you will LOVE the home you live in and look forward to coming in at the end of the day. You can upload a picture of your home, or use one of the templates to get started.

Either way, you’ll get a chance to see many color combinations, review recommendations from out customer service team and find inspiration that could spark something exciting!


Checks and Balances

There are two very important people in charge of safety and satisfaction on your customer service team. They are the foreman and the project manager. Together, they assure the project comes out just as designed.

On-Site Foreman

The foreman is responsible for the employees working on your project, timely delivery of materials and tools, and keeping to the budget. The foreman plays a vital role in keeping things running smoothly and on time, and oversees the day-to-day operations. Having an on-site foreman means that every day, the person who is responsible for coordination is there working for you and making sure no detail gets overlooked.


Giving the Final Stamp of Approval

Once the foreman determines the job is complete, it’s time for the project manager to inspect it. This person oversees the project from inception to completion. The responsibility of completing the job to exact specifications falls on the project manager’s shoulders, so their final approval is only granted after a successful inspection in order for it to be considered complete. If an issue arises after the job is complete, you won’t be disappointed. The Painting Company has established and offers 3, 6 or 10 year warranties, based on the painting package you chose. We will ensure the best customer service from start to finish.


Get to Know the Best

From top to bottom, The Painting Company will live up to your expectations, but their goal is to exceed them. In fact, their customer service philosophy is “Our Customers Come First.” Quality of work and integrity in action is what makes them stand out. They’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the owners come from a background of winning Angie’s List Super Service Awards for 11 years straight (just to mention one of many) …and their clients LOVE them! You can contact The Painting Company by filling out a customer service form today. The Painting Company has offices in Arizona, and Nevada.

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