Coming in a multitude of styles, colors, and options, you can choose the best design for you. With epoxy flooring you can be sure that your home or business is protected and stylish, while also investing in a professional and high-quality job. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is sure to last for years to come.

Garage floor coatings ensure a clean look for any garage. Even with the heaviest vehicle the durability of our coatings ensures strength and lasting quality. Your garage houses not just cars but equipment, furniture, bikes, and more. Due to the movement, scratching, and rolling that your garage floor endures, its important to have a floor you can depend on.

Our residential epoxy services can beautify your home. Epoxy floor coatings give your home a sleek and clean feel with guaranteed durability. Not only can epoxy flooring increase your home`s value, but it will give it a clean finish sure to impress.

We offer services for commercial and industrial buildings to guarantee a lasting sleek look and a durable job. We can handle any job, big or small, with maximum strength and a timeless and elegant look, the benefits are endless. Our epoxy floor coatings are durable enough to handle high amounts of pressure and weight, ensuring that it won’t crack or get damaged.


Epoxy Flooring Sample - Solid Color

Solid Color Epoxy Floor Coatings

The solid color option is a great way to breathe new life into your garage floor, giving it a clean and even look. We offer a variety of colors to choose from, but all of them offer a smooth and easy-to-clean floor coating.

Epoxy Flooring Sample - Sparse Chip

Sparse Chip Epoxy Floor Coatings

This package is one of our more popular options due to the modern look and durability that it provides to your garage floor. Again, this option is easy to clean and gives your floor an updated look with some texture. The top coat for this option comes in a satin or gloss finish, giving you more choices for a stylish garage floor.

Epoxy Flooring Sample - Full Broadcast

Full Broadcast Epoxy Floor Coatings

The full broadcast package is the most popular option because of its longevity. The scattered flakes create an eye-catching and modern look while adding exceptional durability to your garage floor, perfect for a high-traffic environment. This option includes a layer of Performance Epoxy for added strength.


1. Each installation process begins by grinding the entire floor with a walk-behind grinder to ensure proper adhesion, as well as hand grinding areas along the edges of the floor.

2. Our experts will then go through and fill in any cracks in the floor as necessary with an epoxy filler to prevent the new epoxy from cracking.

3. We will acetone-wash the entire floor to clean up any residue and ensure a clean surface to work on.

4. Now it’s time to apply the epoxy coating. For the solid color option, we will apply 2 coats of the Polly Shell 7000 in the color of your choice. For the sparse chip option, one coat of Polly Shell 7000 epoxy will be applied in the color of your choice and the color chips of your choice. For the full broadcast option, we will apply Performance Epoxy, then completely cover the floor with the color of your choice and color chips of your choice.

5. The last step for the sparse chip and full broadcast options is to apply a protective clear coat of Polly Shell 7000 in either a satin or gloss finish. The full broadcast option will have two coats of this clear coat.

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