For our team at The Painting Company, it is our passion. Yes, it is our job, but it is much more than that for us. We love what we do and we want to do it better than anyone else in the business. Here are ten reasons we are passionate about painting and why this makes us the best painting company in Vegas.


  1. We are a family. Our employees are our family. We hire exceptional people who have the same work ethic and passion, which creates a cohesive team of people who like to work together, and it shows. It makes doing our job easier when we know we can count on every person on our team to do their job at the highest level. And it benefits our customers to know they can count on an exceptional team for any painting project they hire us to do.
  2. Meeting new people. In our job, we get to meet some amazing people. Homeowners, business owners and people in the neighborhood all make our days interesting. Every day gives us a chance to make new connections with our customers, whether it is their first time using us or we have known them for years.
  3. Painting is an art, whether you are working on a canvas or changing the color of a home. We love the beauty of our work and how it can transform a building or home with our expertise. There is a wonderful fulfillment in making something stunning from a new coat of color.
  4. The smiles we see every day when a homeowner sees their new kitchen for the first time or looks at their newly painted home are worth every painstaking detail we put into the job. Pride in ownership is apparent in their smiles when they see their homes looking the way they envisioned.
  5. Transformations. Painting can make the old look new again, or give it new life. We are passionate about what we do because it makes a big difference to our customers. Our skills help with the curb appeal of a home and make a business more enticing to new customers. Transformations are our specialty and we do it with pride.
  6. We take pride in our quality. From using the best paints to meticulous attention to detail, we care about the quality of workmanship we provide to our customers. When you feel good about the job you do, you feel good about yourself. Our commitment to quality from start to finish is what has made us the best and being the best is a great feeling.
  7. New places to see. Our job is never boring. We get to work in a new atmosphere throughout the work week, making it interesting and fun to go to work. Our teams get to see homes in neighborhoods all over the Vegas area, as well as work in many of the great businesses in our city. A new venue is always around the corner, giving us new challenges every week.
  8. Making a difference. We may only be painters, but we do get to make a difference in our customers’ lives. We can give an old home a new look or bring life to a business that needed a makeover. Our talent helps add value to the properties we work on and benefits our customers in various ways. It makes our day to see an old home look like new again and know that it will make a big difference for our customer.
  9. Accolades and awards are awesome. Knowing you do a good job and being recognized for your hard work is an amazing feeling. Our many awards and accolades are just the cherry and sprinkles on our sundae; it is nice to know that others in our industry and our customers appreciate the effort we put into our service and company.
  10. Giving back to our community. We love serving the community by providing quality paint services for residents and business owners. However, we also like to give back to those who support our business. We are involved in community events and we have our own charity to benefit the community, Paint It Forward. Each year a family in our community receives a free $5,000 paint job from us to brighten their home and we love the beauty that we can give to a deserving family.


At The Painting Company, we provide excellent service to our customers and we love what we do. Our passion is apparent in our interactions with our customers and in the quality of workmanship we provide. If you want to update your bathroom or need a new exterior for your business, no paint job is too big or too small for our exceptional team. Contact our Arizona, or Nevada offices today to get a quote on your next painting project and experience our commitment and quality for yourself.

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