Choosing the best paint color for your home is easy. You have a general idea of what colors to use for your walls, but are these also suitable for an office environment? Probably not.

Picking colors for your office is a little different from picking colors for your home. While beige, white, and soft pastel hues make your living space comfortable and relaxing, these same colors wouldn’t give you the same effect at work.

What’s Your Brand?

It’s important to reflect your brand throughout the office with the right amount of wall color. Your employees will enjoy a visually attractive workspace and the outcome will increase productivity and overall happiness. The best option for a great office color palette is to only have accent colors and avoid overdoing your office.

Many companies have settled for boring grey offices with unsightly cubicles that look centuries old, and that will only cause bored and stressed employees that won’t enjoy working at your company.

Best Color Options

You spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to be in an environment that won’t add more stress to your body and lead to you being unhappy. Here are some of the best paint colors that are proven to make your office environment more enjoyable:

  • Neutral shades like light creams, light blues, and light gray for a professional office environment. These colors are often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, calm, and orderly so you’ll never go wrong with this color choice. You can add some color by choosing artwork or furniture that stands out.
  • Soothing colors like yellow are the best color to go within a creative office environment. Yellow stimulates your ego and spirits and makes you more optimistic.
  • If you need an environment with a strong sense of balance, tranquility, and innovation, green might just be the right color. If you decide to choose this color, try to keep it to accent walls only or go for a lighter, softer green for the entire office.

Choosing the best office paint colors may be a little easier now that you know what to look for and what to avoid. Depending on the size of your office, painting can become a lengthy process so let the pros handle all the hard work!

If you want to make your working space more enjoyable, call our experts at The Painting Company. We have a stellar reputation for quality workmanship, and we stand behind every job we complete. You can expect professionalism from our experienced crews from beginning to end, including a final walk-thru inspection and complete clean-up when we finish the job. Call today to schedule an estimate.

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