Painting and renovating can be a huge disruption to your day-to-day operations, but it doesn’t have to be with careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to consider when painting during business hours to keep your business open and running.

Should you stay open?

Before beginning your renovations, you’ll need to do additional research to ensure that you’re legally allowed to stay open. If you own a restaurant, you may not be able to stay open while staying within health and safety codes. Your business space is also important, do you have a plentiful space to work in? Are there windows to minimize contamination? Will your employees be able to work without having potential safety hazards? There are plenty of questions to ask when it comes to renovating so make sure to take everything into account. You should also consider doing a cost-benefit analysis to help you decide whether you should stay open or closed.


Before you begin your repainting process, you’ll need to notify everyone that can potentially be affected by these events. Let your employees know and conduct any necessary training to ensure that daily operations are uninterrupted.

You should post signs around your business to let customers know ahead of time and minimize complaints. This also lets customers know that you focus on customer satisfaction and they’ll appreciate that.

Set Up Zones

The best way to go about repainting is to set up zones or designated areas where the painting process will begin and then move to the next zone after one has been completed. Without a set up like this, you could create chaos and an unorganized renovation that will ultimately create stress and unhappy customers.

Create an Unoccupied Zone

If you have a large enough space, you can create a buffer zone to separate the construction area from everything else. This will help lower noise levels, contamination, air quality, and disruption to employees and customers.

Create a System for Complaints

You should expect to receive complaints regardless of your preparation efforts. Therefore, it’s important to always address any complaints to avoid losing client relationships. Designate one person to handle all responses to ensure that customers know that their input is valuable and appreciated.


Always keep your employees and customers updated with the renovation progress. This should be communicated via email, social media, and even signs. Some customers usually prefer to wait until renovations are done due to many reasons, so a final update is essential to finally bring back your business to your usual operations.

If you are looking to repaint your business, don’t hesitate and reach out to The Painting Company. Our painting experts are committed to making your painting project as easy and stress-free as possible. We can work with your needs and get the painting job done while keeping your business open. Give us a call or fill out our form for a free quote today!

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