Why You Should Choose a Professional Painter

Before you paint yourself into a corner, take a moment to consider the benefits of hiring a professional painter. Because painting your home requires more steps than just applying the paint, handing your job over to the capable hands of a professional will ensure that the job gets done properly and that you are thrilled with the results…. More

When to Paint Your Garage Door

You may think the most crucial factor will be the color you choose for the door. The color is a big consideration, however, you want your paint job to look good and last a long time. For that to happen you need to make sure you are painting under the right circumstances. Not Too Hot,… More

What You Should Know About Electrostatic Painting

Rollers and brushes can leave visible streaks, and latex and oil-based paints can bubble or peel on intricate surfaces. For a smooth, durable painted finish on almost any metal surface, electrostatic painting is the best option, offering superior results. What Is Electrostatic Painting? If you understand how a magnet sticks to the side of a… More

Why You Should Hire Professionals to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Exterior paintwork is problematic for a number of reasons, not least among them the cost of the tools and materials you will need. Doing a great job of painting your interior walls may have given you the idea that you are ready to graduate to the exterior of the property. However, that’s the equivalent of… More