For most, a commercial building is an investment and requires maintenance to retain and add value. It is important to repaint your commercial building. If you own a commercial building for your business or as a rental, exterior painting is a crucial element of maintaining your property. If the exterior paint is faded, peeling or stained, here are some excellent reasons it is time to repaint.

Protect Your Investment

Paint is an important aspect of protecting a building from the elements. The exterior paint works as a sealant for the walls and siding, helping keep out moisture. This is especially important to protect a building with wood structure underneath, preventing rot and pest infestations. If the paint on your building is peeling, you could be exposing your building to the elements and quicker deterioration.

Exterior paint can last for several years when quality paint is used and applied by a professional. This is a worthwhile investment to keep your building protected from the elements, as well as looking its best. If it has been more than 7-8 years since your last painting, it may be time to consider repainting your commercial building. Keep in mind that you can change colors or just freshen the building with a new coat of the same color – either way, you will be protecting the physical building and the image of your business with a new paint job.

Repaint Your Commercial Building to Attract New Tenants

Many commercial buildings are leased to residential or commercial tenants. As a landlord, you have an obligation to maintain your rental property for existing tenants, but you also want to attract new tenants. A well-maintained exterior can improve your chances of keeping your facility leased to capacity. Whether you own an office building or an apartment complex, renters care about the appearance of the building where they will live or do business.

A fresh paint job can give your commercial rental property a boost in rentals. Those looking for a new apartment or office space are more likely to trust a building that looks good from the outside – this indicates the owner cares about maintaining their facility and will be a reliable landlord if other repairs are needed.

Improve Your Brand Image

Even if your commercial building is just a warehouse or manufacturing facility, it represents your brand. When people see your building, they can judge your product or service based on its upkeep. A shoddy warehouse can reflect poorly on your business; customers may wonder if you maintain other quality standards if you do not invest in proper building maintenance. This is even more important for commercial buildings that house brick and mortar shops where customers come to the facility.

Repainting on a regular schedule can help protect your business’ image. It is a vital component of representing your brand in a positive light to your customers. Imagine the first impression your building makes on a new customer. If the exterior of a business looks clean and maintained, it portrays a quality product or service. A run-down building that needs paint can send a negative message about your business to customers. People trust brands that look like they are successful and put an effort into maintaining their image.

Impress New Investors and Your Competition

They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. The same could be said about how your building is “dressed” when you bring in potential investors or competitors to see your establishment. You want to exude a successful enterprise to anyone who may affect your business. Updating old paint can be a quick and affordable way to improve the appearance of your commercial building to make a great first impression on your business colleagues and competitors.

Repainting gives you a chance to update your image. You can use colors that stand out or match your brand to give your building a professional appearance. Just like houses, there are color options that can help improve the style and aesthetics of your building. Why settle for dull, neutral colors when you have an entire palette of colors to choose from for your exterior? A new paint job can add style to even the dullest building and increase the value of your business.

At The Painting Company, we offer top-quality commercial painting services for our customers in Nevada and Arizona. Summer and fall are the perfect times to give your building a new coat of paint. If you own a commercial building that needs repainting, contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation and estimate. We offer color consulting along with professional interior and exterior painting services to help protect your investment and brand. Call us today and give your old building a vibrant look with our exceptional painting services.

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