Interior designs and trends come and go faster than we can keep track of. However, some styles hold better than others. For example, while it did have its popularity period, there are very few 80’s interior or exterior style homes left around. If they are still around, they have been redesigned and reconstructed to look like something more modern. Here are 4 popular old home styles that have aged incredibly well over the past couple of decades.

Victorian Style

This style is one of the most recognizable that is still around today. This type of home design started appearing as far back as 1880 and was one of the Industrial Age’s first outcomes. Since the Civil War had ended not too long ago, many factories were still in transition. Instead of making bullets and ammo, some factories shifted to making metal house parts. Other factories moved from producing wooden hand carts to mass-producing wood trim. As time went by and people and things aged, this style didn’t. Victorian-style homes are also some of the first that began to dabble with different colors since paint technology was advancing at that time. Popular exterior colors for these homes are grey, purple, green, and yellow.


Colonial homes are found pretty much all over the country. This style is still used to construct new homes today, sometimes fused with a modern twist. This style also dates back to the 17th century and is inspired by British designs due to America being under British rule. This is probably one of the most easily recognizable popular old home styles today. The most popular exterior colors for colonial homes are white, mint, golden yellow, and blue.


Have you ever been to a beach in the United States? What vibes does the surrounding area give off? The Mediterranean style was born out of inspiration from its surroundings, which is why many homes near the beach usually have a Mediterranean style (think California and Florida). Although it might not look like it, this style has been around since the early 1900s! However, the timeline they are from matters little, as many homes being built still use this type of style. They aren’t all being built by the beach either, and many are infusing a modern and elegant twist. The most popular exterior colors for Mediterranean homes are white, warm grey, brown, and yellow gold.


If there’s any style that’s aged like a fine wine to this day, it’s the farmhouse design. When the concept of farmhouse began, they weren’t even considered a design. They weren’t something someone willingly chose and said, “I want a farmhouse design for my home.” Farmhouses were built to complement their landscape. Their purpose was to help farmers and families live off the land. They were usually constructed in rural areas and in a way to benefit the agricultural lifestyle. Today, most farmhouses aren’t built in rural areas but rather heavily populated suburban ones. This is thanks to their revival and mass popularity that they’ve received in recent years. Pretty much all popular home design shows feature farmhouse styles in one way or another. The most popular exterior colors for farmhouses are white, black, grey, and red.


Transform Your Home

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