Did you know that foot traffic in a home is heaviest in the bedroom (includes master bath), living room, kitchen, and a study space or office? This means that people spend about 80% of their time at home in these four different spaces. With that much time spent in them, it’s important that they are painted with the right colors so that these rooms can be used to their full potential. The colors each room has are just as important as the way the furniture is laid out, which is why we should talk about the most popular colors of this coming year. Each of these colors have been carefully selected to be used in these specific rooms of a home, which ensures maximum use of room efficiency. Let’s dive in!


The Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of peace and rest. This is where everyone comes home to rest from their labors. It’s a place to dream about whatever you want and relax from the daily stresses of life. It is a place that should encourage thoughtful meditation. Four colors trending for 2021 are Emerald, Pale Matte, Olive, and Saturated blue. Ensuring that flooring matches paint colors is extremely important, so make sure to not just slap up any combination of two of these colors on the wall. Getting the combination right will result in happy and energetic mornings. It will also provide relief when coming home from school, work, or other daily commitments. You may even find it easier to fall asleep at night. Color psychology can’t be underestimated!

The Living Room

This is where most spend time with their significant other, friends, children, and other people invited to the home. This room leaves the largest impression on visitors, since they probably aren’t going to be snooping into the bedrooms by themselves. The colors soft white, rustic grey, and earth green and earth beige are the go-to colors for 2021. It is not recommended to use them all together, rather find one that best suits your personality and existing living room commodities. These colors encourage relaxation and promote conversation. They make it a pleasure to spend time in and promote calming moods. This helps in keeping conversations calm, jovial, and low-tempered. No living room squabbles here!

The Kitchen

The kitchen serves as the place where taste buds are sent on a food excursion. Whether it be ramen noodles or fresh caught, fried sea scallops, the experience is what one makes of it. The colors blue-grey, red, white, and black are four of the main colors trending for kitchens in 2021. Red promotes appetite. Blue-grey enhances the spaces in a kitchen. The colors black and white together provide a clean and elegant look. This color combo of white and black usually has wood accents that accompany them and give a well-rounded look. These four colors are usually used on the kitchen cabinets and backsplashes.

The Office

This is where the brain juices get flowing. The go-to room to brainstorm and draw up the next, great entrepreneurial venture. Or tomorrow’s calendar for work, whichever comes first. This space should encourage imagination, focus, and creativity. The colors earth green, dark blue, ranges of wood brown, and grey are all colors the make the perfect office space. In the space, you want to feel as if you have the power to come up with anything and everything. It should feel liberating, but focused. Colors such as earth green and wood brown can give the impression of being connected with nature and power. The colors grey and dark blue can be bold and help maintain focus on the task at hand As always, make sure to that your desired color matches and contrasts well with the flooring.

Power In Color

The colors that we have listed here are some of the best for the coming year. Each room in a home has a purpose, and if not set up appropriately, may cause you to miss out on proper relaxation, sleep, and great ideas! There is power in color, and that is why the Nevada Painting Company takes pride in the information we share and the quality of services we provide. If you are still unsure about which colors goes best in what spaces, contact us! Our professionals can help you plan, prepare, and complete your home painting project, whether it be interior or exterior.

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