It is a cost-effective option that can update the style of your kitchen, even without a major overhaul. Finding the right colors and combinations of hues can transform the most popular room in your home, adding value and brightness to your living space. Here are some inspiring painting ideas for your kitchen makeover that are trending for 2018.

Choosing the Right Colors

Just because a color looks great in a picture does not mean it will fit your kitchen or home’s style. Choosing an appropriate color is essential to achieving the look you desire. If you are not planning on changing or painting your cabinets or counters, their current color can give you guidance. Light-colored cabinets or counters can be offset with darker walls, while dark cabinetry will look best with lighter colors.

Popular colors for 2018 involve neutral, natural and earth tones. These can be used alone or in a two-toned style. Some of these have carried over from 2017, while some are making a splash this year on the kitchen-color scene. Here are some of the top colors to consider for your kitchen makeover:

  • Greige. The gray-beige color that creates “greige” is still a popular neutral option for kitchens. It can lean more toward gray or beige, depending on what colors you are working with, such as a beige tone for a darker wood, or gray for blue or navy cabinetry/counters.
  • Gray. If you are working with darker blues or white, a warm gray can be the right look for your kitchen. The right shade can add a contemporary style that will add value and beauty to your home.
  • Navy. Calming navy blue is trendy in kitchens, whether used with light cabinetry or to paint the cabinets with lighter background walls to offset the darker navy.
  • Greens. Moss, sage and petrol greens are earth tones that are making their ways into kitchen design. These warm, natural colors can add a refreshing vibe to your kitchen.
  • Plum. Plum has been trending for a few years and is still an excellent, bold choice for a fresh look. While best used for accents or as an offset color for cabinetry, it can give your kitchen a unique and intriguing style.
  • Natural tones. Copper, gold, ginger, and terracotta are natural tones that can make your kitchen feel warm and inviting, a natural appeal that can blend well with wood cabinetry.

Finding the right colors that will work with your existing surfaces is important. A color consultation with your painting team can help you choose the right blend of warm or neutrals to bring a contemporary style to your kitchen décor.

Cabinetry Painting Ideas

If you are not just looking for new wall or accent colors, but to change your cabinetry, consider some of the new ways to spruce up your kitchen. While white or light-colored painted cabinets have been popular for years, choosing neutral or bold colors are new options in updating your kitchen style. You can also two-tone your cabinets with an offset color. Gray or greige can be used on the main cabinetry, then a bold plum or dark navy for the island cabinets. Once again, the cabinets should be opposing colors to the backdrop, especially when there are darker colors used on the walls or cabinets.

Coordinating with Your Existing Décor

If you are only contemplating a kitchen update, not a complete remodel of your home, it is important to consider your existing décor. This includes the appliances, cabinets, and counters in your kitchen and the surrounding rooms. In kitchens enclosed in an open floor plan, it is vital to ensure the new colors you paint in your kitchen will blend with the overall style of your home.

You can unite the new colors painted in your kitchen by adding tie-in accents to bring all areas together. Adding chair covers or pillows of the new kitchen colors to adjoining dining or family areas can be one way to blend. Centerpieces, vases and other decorations can also be used to tie the room colors together, making your new kitchen fit perfectly with your existing décor.

Outstanding Interior Painting Options in Nevada

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