Whenever you walk into a home, your gaze is usually attracted to something specific within the space. It might be something impressive like a work of art, an intriguing mirror, or a fireplace. It might be something odd, like a bike inside a living room, a picture frame that doesn’t match anything, or an old orange couch. Whether it’s intentional or not, there’s always something in a room that catches the eye of whoever is stepping into it. These things are called focal points, and they are usually located near or at the center of a room. Focal points come in a variety of forms. Sometimes it’s a chair, and sometimes it’s a painting. In this case, we will demonstrate how to use different objects and colors to help create focal points in any room.


Consider the Size of the Space


When designing a focal point, the size of the space being worked in matters. It should be one of the first things to look at. It makes little sense to make a large piece of furniture the focal point if the space around it suffers as a result. If the space in question is a large and expansive living room, then there are many things to work with for the focal point. If it is a small studio apartment, then the focal point has to be noticeable but space efficient. Regardless of the amount of space available, the focal point can still be creative and eye-catching.


Focal Points


Accent Wall

One of the easiest ways to create a focal point is to create an accent wall. The accent wall does not have to be at the center of the room and can be created through wallpaper or paint. If you’re opting for wallpaper, consider a different texture than what is already displayed on the other walls. If paint is being used, think about painting the wall a darker or lighter shade than the walls around. This will keep the room design uniform but also call attention to the differently painted wall. This focal point style can be used in large or small rooms, although small rooms might benefit from it better. Painting a wall in a large room a different color might be more of a focal fourth than a focal point, as a large section of the room would be affected.



Furniture, when placed correctly, can serve as a great focal point for any room. In a bedroom, a nice wardrobe or bed can serve as the focal point. These usually won’t steal the attention by themselves, but adding color to them can enhance the entire room’s character. The color can be added through different colored bedsheets, pillow covers, or even painting the wardrobe! In the living room, a wardrobe, chair, or table can steal attention. A fireplace frame can also be set up and decorated to shine as the room’s focal point.



When we say art, we mean more than just paintings. A vase, painting, sculpture, picture, or even a deer head mounted on a wall are all possible focal points. If you decide to use a piece of art as the focal point, make sure that the art is complemented by its surrounding elements in color and space. You don’t want a giant, orange sculpture of the sun in a tiny room that already has red on the walls.


Find the Balance

Creating a focal point in a room allows the space to present itself with character and class. When deciding what kind of focal point you want (a painting, picture, furniture, window, painted wall, etc.), make sure it naturally flows with the room. You also have to make sure that you like it. Sometimes a fireplace or window will lend itself to being the focal point already, and all you have to do is add stuff around it so that it pops.

If you decide to paint a wall as your focal point, then make it easier on yourself and contact us! We specialize in painting projects of all kinds, residential or commercial. Find out how we can help you today!

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