The big question is always how long your new paint job is should last and while the answer varies depending on where the paint job is and the wear and tear it will experience, here is some insight about what you can expect for the longevity of your fresh paint job. Keep in mind a few tips that can help to extend the life of your paint by years, saving you time, money, and sanity.


Interior paint jobs that are cared for last anywhere from 15-25 years depending on humidity and sun exposure. However, most homeowners switch up their colors far before peeling or fading since it is an easy way to change up your space and create an entirely new feel.

If you are looking for a long-lasting paint, the best options are water or alkyd-based paints. Oil-based paints are the most durable, but many have been taken from the market because of high levels of volatile organic compounds which cause strong odors and health risks. Though you can still purchase some oil-based paints, these alternatives are easier to clean up and more environmentally friendly.

A good rule of thumb for determining quality paint is a price point of $30 per gallon or more. Having a quality color with a solid brand like Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore and a professional application guarantees you a paint job that will probably last longer than you would even need. A beautiful and vibrant wall will always make your home feel put-together and personalized.


There are many variables that affect the longevity of your paint job. Weather, surface type, and paint type are the top three contributors to the length your paint stays vibrant and clean. Living in warmer climates with intense sun exposure can fade and chip paint faster than that of a cooler one. A lot of our southern Nevada homes experience fading quicker than those in Reno or the Tahoe area.

Another factor is the surface type. Wooden trims and borders absorb UV rays much faster than stucco or other siding materials, therefore the paint tends to crack and fade quicker than other sections of the house. Darker colors on wood have an average lifespan of 5 years, but lighter colors can reflect rays more efficiently and therefore last longer. And, most importantly, it is essential to use a quality primer on your wooden surfaces before you paint with your color. Primer helps smooth the surface and prevent chipping.

However, a good paint job on other surfaces can last anywhere between 7-10 years on average. The best paint for exteriors is a high-quality acrylic, painted in mild weather with time to dry. Professional painters like the Painting Company should be trusted with this more expensive paint job, as they have the tools and knowledge to create the most even and solid coats. Spotty application and too few coats can also contribute to peeling or chipping.

Another important tip is making sure that the surface is free from loose paint or chipping paint before you start your next job. Professionals know to prepare the surface before slapping on a paint color, both with primer- if necessary- and by stripping the falling old paint.

Painting your home doesn’t have to be a painful process. Coming into the process prepared with these tips will help you take care of your house and it’s color much more effectively. Many of us frugal types may be tempted to do these projects ourselves but investing in professional help will also save you money and years of color in the long run. Contact the Painting Company for help with your next job.

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