The exterior of your home will play a big part in how quickly it sells and the final selling price. You want buyers to immediately fall in love with your home at a glance, which means you want the color of the house to send an inviting message. If your house has an outdated color or peeling paint job, painting before putting it on the market is a wise investment. But what exterior paint colors are the best for selling houses?

Unlike choosing a color for the home you want to live in for the foreseeable future, a pre-sale paint job should not be based on your preferences. You may love the look of a bright yellow house, but it may not appeal to the masses. You want a color that matches current trends and highlights the best features of your home. But you also want your home to stand out and not look like every other home on the market or in your neighborhood. Here are some top exterior paint colors that are excellent options for pre-sale painting.

Brown Palette

Drive down any street in your town and you will see plenty of brown or beige houses. The color blends with nature, matching wood decks, fencing and other elements. Of course, there are many shades of brown to choose from – for pre-sale paint, you want a neutral option that will best suit your home. Some paint colors to consider include:

• Taupe. This take on beige is as neutral as they come, a perfect choice when you want to appeal to more buyers for a larger bidding base.
• Sable. A darker option to stand out in a sea of beige, sable is richer and can nicely be paired with white, brick or black accents.
• Wheat. Almost yellow but still slightly beige, wheat is a bright, cheerful option that is not too overpowering.

Brown colors are a solid, good choice for an exterior paint that will look great and highlight your home in a positive light. The only trouble with brown colors is the popularity of them – if most of the homes in your neighborhood are all shades of beige, be careful not to choose the same as your neighbor for your home.

White Palette

A white house and picket fence are a classic that will never go out of style. White for exteriors is always an option and it can be paired with many different trim and accent colors. White-colored homes give a sense of stability and this can be a benefit when trying to sell your home. Keep in mind that all white can also negatively impact the look of your home if you don’t add color accents to contrast. Consider an off-white or cloudy color with the right accents of gray or cream to enhance your home.

Grey Palette

If you look at the colors of new homes, you will see the majority are beige or gray. While this may seem boring, these colors work for exteriors. They are earthy and blend with the outdoors and can be brightened with accents and trim colors. Grays are particularly versatile. They can be tinted slightly to give them a unique hue. Some of the popular grays that could enhance your home before you put it on the market include:

• Greige. Probably the most popular modern exterior paint, greige in some form is an excellent choice for updating your home’s color. A little gray, a little beige – it helps your home attract a larger group of potential buyers.
• Blue-gray. If you want color but also want to stay neutral, a blue-gray is a perfect choice to give your home a slightly unique look.
• Traditional gray. Just straight gray with white or black accents can be very appealing as an exterior color.

Gray to almost a light blue is warm and inviting without going overboard, a good color to give your home a modern look.

Colors to Make Your Home Unique

There is something to be said for making your home unique when it is time to sell. While painting your house shocking pink is not advisable, if you use color correctly, it can help differentiate your home from dozens of others on the market in your area. Consider a pale yellow or incorporating brick red in your exterior colors to give your home some pizazz without alienating buyers.

When it is time to paint your home’s exterior before you put it on the market, give us a call at The Painting Company. Our exceptional painting crews can ensure your home looks stunning for its first open house, adding value to your home. Contact us for a free estimate for your exterior home painting project.

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