Your Style, Your Home

There are various articles talking about the hottest trends of 2020 and 2021. However, not every trend fits everyone’s style. What good is it to pick one of the best styles of the coming year if it’s a pain to look at every day? Homes and styles should all be personalized. If only it were as easy as picking your favorite color and splattering it on the wall. These tips will help you evaluate and create the perfect color palette for your home and style.

Look at What’s Already Available

Looking at what colors you already like in your home is an easy way to get started. Not every color may have been picked out by homeowners when they moved in, but that doesn’t mean that all the home colors are useless. Sometimes, picking out some preferred colors in a home and complementing them with a couple of others makes for an easier transition. That way, picking out a color palette for your home keeps the hassle to a minimum.

Check Your Wardrobe

A home’s interior style should reflect the homeowner’s likes and interests. Want to know a simple way to find out what you like? Check your wardrobe to see what colors you prefer already. You’ll probably find that your wardrobe likely doesn’t consist of one color, but a variety of colors that contrast and blend well together. These colors can serve the interior of a home. They might not all be used for all rooms, but using hints and accents of those colors here and there will allow the house to show the homeowner’s personality and create the perfect color palette.

Consider the Tone of a Room

Just because a color looks good in a room doesn’t mean it should go there. Each room in a home has a different purpose, and the wrong color palette could throw the vibe of the room off. Bedrooms are for resting, offices are for mental focus, and living rooms are for conversation and gathering. The purpose of each room should be considered when choosing the color palettes. While the wrong colors throw the vibe of a room off, the right colors can enhance work performance, improve sleep, and encourage friendlier conversations.

Plan for The Future

The trends and styles of this year are only going to be around for so long. Sometimes, picking neutral colors (that you like) ends up a better bet. Picking flashy colors off impulse may end up going out of style in a couple of years. If you find yourself confused about what colors to choose or how to use the perfect color palette to transform your home, contact us! We have planned and finished projects that range from residential, commercial, and interior and exterior. Our work has given us satisfied customers across various industries.

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