If you want superior results, hiring an experienced painting professional is your best bet. You want precision, quality painting that will last, performed by painters you can trust. If you are ready to hire a professional to paint one or more rooms in your home, consider the following for the interior of your home.

Color and Finish

When daydreaming about a fresh look for your kitchen, living room or bedrooms, different colors of paint may come to mind. Changing the color can update the rooms in your home and create a specific mood or style. You want to find the right colors and shades that will help enhance the room and blend with your décor. It is also important to find the right finish for cleaning and other considerations.

A color consultation is worthwhile if you are completely changing your interior colors. The Painting Company offers our professional color consultation service that can help you pick the best colors and finishes for each room. You will be looking at these colors for years to come, so getting it right is a crucial step.

Do You Own an Older Home?

If your home was built before 1978, there is a chance there is old lead paint on your walls. The top layer may not have lead, but there could be some paint layers below that still contain this toxic substance. You should have your walls tested for lead paint if you have an older home. When choosing a paint contractor, you will want to ask whether they offer lead paint testing and removal services.

Choosing the Right Interior Painting Professional

Not all painters are equal, and you want the right professional for the job. Price is only one consideration when choosing a professional painting service. You are inviting a crew into your home to make a significant change to the interior. It is crucial to ensure they can be trusted to perform the job safely and with the highest quality. Check the basics – licensing, insurance and reputation – to ensure they are legitimate painting contractors. Then ask about the following:

  • What preparation is included? Some walls will need cleaning (especially kitchens) before painting and masking should be performed to protect trim and accents.
  • What if repairs are needed? Walls or trim with cracks or holes may need to be repaired before painting. Ask if this is included or can be completed by the contractors for an extra fee.
  • Is there an extra fee for moving furniture? You may be able to save money by doing this task yourself.
  • Is there a warranty or written guarantee on quality and completion?
  • What clean-up is included?
  • Is there an extra cost for vaulted ceilings, crown molding or other details?
  • Is there a background check performed on all employees? You want to ensure the crew is trustworthy.

The actual painting is only part of an interior paint job. Preparation is key to ensuring it lasts and that the other components in the room are protected. Plus, you do not want any surprises when it comes to paying the final bill. Make sure you receive a complete written description of the preparation, painting, and clean-up that will be included with the price and the guarantee before you hire any painting professional.

Preparing for Painting

Once you find the right professional painter to complete your project, plan on preparing the rooms before the crews arrive. You will need to remove anything on the walls and most electronics will need to be unplugged or moved. If you are moving the furniture yourself, determine whether it can be moved to the middle of the room or if it must be removed completely.

The day that painting begins, make sure your home is ready for work to begin. If you have pets, you may want to secure them in another portion of the house or outside to keep them out of the way. Children should also be kept away from the work areas to keep everyone safe. The fewer distractions and obstacles that are present, the better. You want your painting professionals to be able to concentrate on completing your project, not worrying about other issues like cats, dogs or children that are underfoot.

Professional Interior Painting for Arizona and Nevada

If you are interested in updating the interior of your home with new paint, call our experts at The Painting Company. We have a stellar reputation for quality workmanship, and we stand behind every job we complete. You can expect professionalism from our experienced crews from beginning to end, including a final walk-thru inspection and complete clean-up when we finish the job. Call today to schedule an estimate.

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