Stark now, but soon to take on the hues and blends of the occupant’s personality. Your home should reflect you and your family so plain white walls aren’t going to do.

Different colors have been proven to affect moods. What better way to express yourself throughout your home than through color? The color on the walls makes a statement to whoever enters. What do you want it to say?

Color Experts

Experts in the manufacturing field watch fashion shows, attend art festivals, travel internationally and overall immerse themselves in what is trending. They come up with a list of colors that are likely to be prominent over the course of the year. This helps them get ahead of trends and makes it so they can offer their products in a way that is the most appealing to the consumer. These color experts know what to look for.

Neutrals in General

As with previous years, neutral colors rule, but pops of color are sprinkled in for that “wow” factor. Browns are popular but fading in favor of grey. Neutral colors are excellent choices for big-ticket items, like couches or carpets. It’s the basic grounding touch so that your personality can really shine when it comes to the color you put on the walls.


With the trend towards being more ecologically aware, green is at the top of the list. Seafoam green is popular due to the vibrancy this color creates. It has a light, airy tone and compliments most other colors. Deep greens, like evergreen, are also high on the trending list. The darkness of it lends a sense of comfort without too much depth. On top of that, green has a calming effect so can put you in a good mood!


The color blue creates a calm feel causing the feeling of being rested. It gives off a peaceful vibe and helps people relax. Blue is versatile and can be used monochromatic or in color blocks with nearly any other color and still look good.


Not just any yellow. Bright lemon yellow is out. It’s about warmth now. It’s the color of sunrays and yellow ochre. This yellow looks like melted gold. It adds a little shock of color, but it doesn’t overpower. It’s a great idea as an accent wall for the kitchen or for a door.


Deep crimson red. Nothing too bright and overpowering. Adding this color is like setting off fireworks against a neutral background of décor. It’s a bold, powerful color that incites action. Many health awareness initiatives (such as heart disease awareness or AIDS drives) have ribbons that are red to encourage people to go forward with confidence. Red is energetic.


Purple, violet, wine and all its beautiful shades are “in” again. This trend started with the younger generation and incorporated itself into fashion shows and pop culture. These light-colored hues might make you think of pre-teen whimsy, but the color purple can add a splash of unexpected vibrancy.

Popular Combos

  • Green/Blue
    Together, the colors are the dynamic duo of color. Some variation of blue and green mixed is thought to be so popular because it looks like the ocean, a place often associated with peace and connectedness.
  • Blue/Brown
    When used in combination, these can be a striking color block. If done in deep colors, it can add depth and comfort to the room. Lighter shades, like sable and baby’s breath blue, gives off a beachy and lightweight look.
  • Purple/Green
    This combination may seem unlikely but think of a deep eggplant purple paired with gentle sage green. It’s elegant, but not pretentious. It incorporates a bold color with a softer one for a pleasantly complimentary look from two unlikely colors.
  • Red/Grey
    Muted grey is the perfect companion to fiery red. They compliment each other because each brings an undertone of their color to the other, creating a visually pleasing flow between the two. Red trim around a grey door is popular.

Love Your Home

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