Painting Tips for Commercial Buildings

Maintaining a commercial building is critical for your business, and that includes maintaining its appearance. The first look inside and out in your commercial building can communicate to potential or existing clients how you do business. Keep your best foot forward by ensuring that your building looks updated and well cared for.   Benefits of... More

Why You Should Paint Your Home More Than One Color

Does that mean you need to paint the rest of the rooms to match the existing color you approve of? Or maybe you know immediately that you cannot live with any of the existing colors. You know you need to paint every room in the house. You can choose to go with one color throughout... More

Color Trend Ideas for the Interior of Your Home

Stark now, but soon to take on the hues and blends of the occupant’s personality. Your home should reflect you and your family so plain white walls aren’t going to do. Different colors have been proven to affect moods. What better way to express yourself throughout your home than through color? The color on the... More

What You Should Know About Electrostatic Painting

Rollers and brushes can leave visible streaks, and latex and oil-based paints can bubble or peel on intricate surfaces. For a smooth, durable painted finish on almost any metal surface, electrostatic painting is the best option, offering superior results. What Is Electrostatic Painting? If you understand how a magnet sticks to the side of a... More