Obtaining the right equipment and learning the best techniques can help prepare you before starting your project. Many beginner painters have spent hours, even days, painting rooms in their homes, only to be disappointed with the results. Here are some tips on the three tools that every beginner painter will need and some other tricks to help improve the results.

Painter’s Tape, Drop Cloths and Other Covering Materials

The first step in a beautifully painted room is preparation. Cleaning the walls and covering areas you do not want to be exposed to the new paint is essential for a clean, professional appearance. You will want to purchase painter’s tape to use around trim and edges; it is made to leave a clean line when it is removed without removing paint. Drop cloths and paper to put over floors, furniture and windows may also be needed. Here are a few tips to prepare your room:

  • Move all furniture either out of the room or to the center and cover with clothes
  • Use painter’s tape along all edges not to be painted; i.e. ceiling, trim, windows, doors, etc.
  • Paper can be tape over windows to avoid drips unto glass

You want to carefully prep your room for painting to get the best results and avoid damage to items in the room.

Brushes, Rollers and Painting Utensils

The application of the paint is the bare essential of painting. While the quality of the paint will impact the look and longevity of the final product, using the right brushes, rollers and trays for painting are necessary to begin your project. As you apply the paint, it needs to be done quickly to blend and create a smooth finish. The right applicator can make this easier to achieve with better results. Some application tools you will need include:

  • Brushes. Quality brushes of several sizes is a good start for the beginning painter. You want a larger brush for quick application in larger spots, and small brushes for corners, trim and smaller spaces.
  • Rollers. For open walls, rollers are the best option to apply paint quickly and evenly. Rollers need to be carefully covered evenly in paint, but not overly saturated to avoid dripping. Start the roller in a top corner of the wall, sweeping down, then up again into a “V” shape, covering the wall evenly as you go.
  • Trays and paint remover. For use with rollers, trays are essential for applying paint evenly. You will also need to paint thinner or remover for cleaning your brushes, rollers, and trays after completing your painting project.

Sturdy Ladders

Few rooms can be painted without the need for ladders to reach all areas. It is important to have a sturdy, safe ladder to use when painting your home. When using ladders, you should always adhere to safety rules to ensure you do not risk injury. Some tips on the safe use of ladders while painting:

  • Make sure your ladder is completely level, with all legs securely on the ground
  • Always have at least 3 limbs on the ladder, two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot
  • Never use the top of the ladder as a step
  • Do not lean out away from the ladder

One of the biggest risks of doing painting on your own is falling when using ladders. It is important to use caution and to follow all safety procedures while using ladders. Make sure to have adequate ventilation to avoid dizziness and other issues that can lead to falls and injuries.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter

When you add up the costs of the tools you may need for painting and the time you will spend on your project, you may want to consider the benefits of hiring a professional painter. Often, beginning painters spend the necessary money for paint and supplies, and dedicate many hours to painting, only to be disappointed in the results. Drips, brush strokes and paint splashes on furniture or floors can be frustrating. These can be avoided when you decide to hire experienced painters like ours at The Painting Company.

At The Painting Company, we take care of all the details for you. We provide meticulous preparation before we begin the project and bring all the tools needed. Our team has extensive training and experience to ensure your walls and other surfaces are beautifully completed using top-quality paints. Plus, once we are finished, we carefully clean up and leave your home free of any mess from the painting process. You get our guarantee and a solid warranty with our service, so you can trust that every project we complete will meet your satisfaction and look beautiful for years to come.

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